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The 1 st Online Meeting of the European Association of Breastfeeding Medicine

Due to the pandemic the 8th European meeting of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine in Split has to be postponed. This conference will now take place in May, 2023.

However: we still want to see each other and plan for the future, if only virtual.

Therefore, we invite you to the first Online Meeting of the European Association of Breastfeeding Medicine, for physicians in Europe and Israel.

We have invited interesting speakers with up-to-date topics on Breastfeeding Medicine.

We are going to talk about the future of the European Meetings

We are going to discuss how to network as physicians in Europe, who are interested in Breastfeeding Medicine


9.30 Opening remarks

A short presentation of “behind the scene”: Why an  EABM? What are the  Goals?

Presentation of the Board of EABM

10.00 Webinar: COVID19 and Breastfeeding, Dr. Moran Freidman, MD, ABM

11.00 Coffee Break and Networking

11.15 Webinar: Model Maternity Policy supportive of Breastfeeding:  ABM Protocol No. 7, Dr. Maria-Teresa Hernández-Aguilar, MD, ABM

12.15 Break

12.45 Webinar: Breastfeeding and Neonatal immunity, Dr. Gergely Toldi, MD

13.45 Coffee Break and Networking

14.00 EABM establishment- the specifics and the “how”

14.30 Discussion in smaller groups

15:00 Sharing of discussion in the bigger group

15:30 Closing Remarks and Goodbye

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